Throughout the year we offer a variety of Sunday School classes for adults, both young and old; beginning with the anchor class taught by John Morrison (who has taught a great class for the past twenty plus years). Father Chip teaches a Confirmation Class entitled Seeking our Anglican Identity in Love (SAIL). This class is open to all our members that would like to tune-up on their knowledge of our Anglican heritage and to be Reaffirmed by the Bishop at Confirmation Sunday; for persons who would like to be Confirmed by the Bishop at Confirmation Sunday; and who would like to be Received by the Bishop from the Roman Catholic Church. SAIL focuses on these main areas of The Episcopal Church: The Book of Common Prayer; Episcopal Church History; Worship and Sacraments; The Holy Scripture; The Church’s Teaching through Scripture, Tradition, and Reason; Spirituality; and, the church’s ministry and organization. Other classes and book studies are offered at various times throughout the year.