To Fellow Members of Christ Church:

Everything you do after proclaiming your belief in Jesus is stewardship.  Everything.  On behalf of Anna Biggs the Vestry Liaison for Stewardship, I ask that you prayerfully examine what you are giving to the Church. I encourage you to pledge an amount that reflects your own desire to serve and worship God. As Paul instructed the Corinthians, each one of us should give what we have decided in our hearts to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion.  Rather, the strength within ourselves and within our parish leads us outwardly, spreading our faith into nearby neighborhoods, the city, and even globally.  Christ Church is a welcoming, inclusive congregation, centered in liturgy and focused on formation and discipleship. We do this using our unique gifts, talents, and skills. For some, this is through active participation; for others it is through financial support. For most it is a combination of the two.

Stewardship 2018 Plan

Our Stewardship Commission has adopted the theme of "needs versus wants."  We want material wealth, power, and acceptance, but what we really need is forgiveness, mercy, healing, and especially love.  And God is love.  All our needs are met by God, so what are we going to do about that?  Christ Church has been and always will be a sanctuary for those in need, and a spiritual inspiration for all of us who want to give thanks and praise to God.  We, as members of this parish, have an obligation to live into our covenant relationship with the one who redeems and sustains us all.  When you think about it, everything you have is God's.  So why not give back to God to nourish the Kingdom for future generations.

Stewardship Kickoff - Sept 9-10.  We have engaged two wonderful musicians to accompany a fellowship event, an Agape Gathering.  We will have light hors d'oeuvres in the Parish House Auditorium accompanied by Jamey Graves and Sandra Montes.  Jamey and Sandra have been headlining at many Episcopal Church events across the country, and they bring a special spirituality and love of God to their performance.  You will love them.  During our gathering, we will unveil some of the exciting things going on in our parish.

Tithely - An exciting new feature for pledging (and giving to the church, in general) is our new service that allows us to give three ways: on our website, via texting, or on an app on your phone.  This is a new effective way for pledging, as the service allows you to set up "automated" giving each month.  If you prefer to give the traditional way, please continue to do this.  Our pledge packets will be sent out to the remaining parishioners who do not choose to give through Tithely, with everyone being assigned to a team.  When you receive the packet from your fellow team member, please fill out the pledge, and deliver it to the next parishioner on your team in a timely manner.  Our goal is to have all pledges in by November 5th.

Discovery Weekend Retreat - November 3-5 – our stewardship campaign is hoping to end on our last day of our Discovery Weekend Retreat, Sunday, November 5th.  Discovery Weekend is a gift from the parish to the parishioners.  We will meet on Friday night, Saturday all day (until 5 PM), and Sunday until Noon.  We will have parishioners and clergy giving talks, wonderful music, activities, and meals together.  It is an enlightening weekend that will bolster our spirituality and bonds of affection for one another.

Yours Faithfully,

Fr. Chip+